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ATLAS 404 Top Roller Mini Excavator Parts

ATLAS 404 Top Roller Mini Excavator Parts

      Atlas GmbH (formery 2010-2016 Atlas Maschinen GmbH) i a medium-sized construction machinery manufacturer based in Ganderkese, Lower Saxony, mainly manufeactres wheeled excavators, two-way excavators and crawler excavators in various weight and performance categories, as well as loading cranes and medium-sized wheel loaders. The beginning of the Atlas GmbH goes back to the year 1919 when Hinrich Weyhausen KG was founded with its headquarters in Delmenhort. The company initilly produced agricultural machinery and agricultural conveyors. The trademark "Atlas" was created in 1936, the first fully hydraulic excavator was manufactured in 1951.


ltem Info:


.Product Apply To: Atlas 404

.Product Brand: FL

.Original Product Brand: Atlas

. Original Brand Owner: Atlas GmbH(Atlas MaschinenGmbH)

. Reference Part No.:



. Zero Oil Leakage

. Lifetime Lubrication

. Reinforced Structural Stability

. Resist To Deformation

.Warranty 24 Months


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