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For HITACHI EX12-1 track roller Mini Excavator Parts

For HITACHI EX12-1 track roller Mini Excavator Parts

     Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd is a Japanese construction equipment company specializes manufacturing, sales and service of construction machinery,transportation machinery, and other machines and devices. It is a subsidiary of the Hitachi Group. Hitachi Construction Machinery was established in 1970,and was involved in the production of Japan's first mechanical excavator. The company has now become a major construction equipment manufacturer in the world. It is listed on the Nikkei 225. The parent company Hitachi sold its 51 percent stake to ltochu Corp in January 2022.

Item Info:

  • Product Apply To: HITACHI EX12-1
  • Product Brand: LM
  • Original Product Brand: HITACHI
  • Original Brand Owner: Hitachi Group
  • Reference Part No.:



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