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How to pay attention to Excavator special safety protection measures

How to pay attention to Excavator special safety protection measures

1. Flammable and explosive occasions
Special explosion-proof excavators must be used in flammable and explosive places, and should have the following special safety measures:
(1) All electrical components must not have exposed parts.
(2) The insulation resistance value of the explosion-proof excavator at room temperature is not less than 1.5MΩ.
(3) The track should have reliable grounding measures. The resistance of the grounding device should not be 4Ω.
(4) All explosion-proof electrical equipment (switch boxes, flashlights, travel switches and junction boxes, etc.) shall have the explosion-proof certificate issued by the national designated explosion-proof inspection unit within the validity period.
(5) In order to prevent the danger caused by mechanical friction or collision sparks and dangerous temperature, limit the speed of the exposed part of the explosion-proof excavator with relative frictional movement, such as the speed of the wire rope and the reel of the reel and the trolley and large The speed of the car on the track should not be 2m/min.
(6) Wire ropes must not have broken wires.
(7) The running track joints should be smooth and flat, and the wheels should not have impact during operation.
(8) If there are many metal obstacles in the working environment, in order to avoid collision between the hook and the metal obstacle, warning words such as "no collision" and "careful touch" should be marked on the outer surface of the side plate of the hook pulley.
(9) The brakes shall be installed inside the casing with explosion-proof performance.
2. Lifting toxic, dangerous, valuables
(1) Broken shaft protection. A second brake (mechanical) should be added to the hoisting reel shaft to prevent the loss of the load due to the broken shaft.
(2) Broken rope protection. In order to prevent
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