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What is a Track roller?

What is a Track roller?

The Track roller is used to support the weight of the digging machine while rolling on the track guide (rail link) or track plate. It is also used to restrain the track and prevent lateral slip. When the excavator turns, the track roller forces the track to slip on the ground.

The track roller is often in mud, water and dust, and bears strong impact, so it requires reliable sealing and wear-resisting ring.


Functions and requirements


The purpose of the track roller is to transfer the weight of the train to the ground and roll on the tracks. In order to prevent derailment, the track roller should also prevent the track from moving horizontally relative to it.

track roller often works in mud, water and sand, and bears strong impact, the working conditions are extremely bad, the rim is easy to wear.

The requirements of the track roller are: wear-resistant rim, reliable bearing seal, small rolling resistance and so on.