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Kubota Launches Tracking System for Mini Excavator KX080

Kubota Launches Tracking System for Mini Excavator KX080

Kubota, a leading supplier of mini excavators in the UK and Ireland, has launched a new telematics portal to help construction equipment operators improve machine efficiency and safety.  The “Kubota Tracking System” portal enables users to keep track of the KX080-4A2 machines in their fleet at any time and can be accessed from a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, meaning that data timing from the Kubota fleet can be viewed from anywhere.  

“As costs rise in other areas of construction, we are trying to develop new ways to help Kubota machine users understand where cost savings and efficiencies can be achieved,” said Rob White, Kubota UK Construction Manager.  

“Our Kubota tracking system, initially launched on the KX080-4A2, ensures that operators can access all the data on the machine at the touch of a button to make informed decisions.  This includes considerations of maintenance time and fleet movement, as well as additional benefits such as improved machine visibility that contribute to improved safety.”  

Intuitive and user-friendly portals share information data to help users access operational performance and consider management decisions.  

Enhanced security is provided because the machine owner can monitor the movement of each KX080-4A2 excavator by tracking its position through GPS.  In addition, you can use geo-fencing to allow the user to specify a specific usage area for each machine, and the portal notifies you if the machine leaves that area.  

The portal provides alerts that show machine failures for quick response and resolution to minimize downtime.  

Productivity and fuel consumption can be improved by constantly reviewing and analyzing real-time parameters of parts such as machine rate, uptime, actual operation, occupancy (percentage), idling time, DPF regeneration history, water and oil temperature.  

“Access to all this real-time data provides Kubota excavator owners with the opportunity to really streamline the process and be flexible to adapt to any and all situations,” Rob concluded.  

The Kubota Tracking System portal is now available as standard on all Kubota KX080-4A2 excavators and will be extended further throughout the range in the future.

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