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Track roller leak check

Track roller leak check

The axle of the roller is rotated by the sleeve, and the wheel body needs to be lubricated to lubricate. However, if the sealing ring is not good, it is easy to cause oil leakage, so that the shaft and the sleeve are easily worn without lubrication. The product cannot be used. The reasons for oil leakage are as follows: 1. The floating oil seal is unqualified; 2. The roundness of the product bushing is not enough; 3. The gloss of the support shaft is not enough; 4. The gear oil is not up to standard; 5. The machining dimensional tolerance and so on. All of these problems will cause the roller to leak oil.

1. During the installation process, it should be strictly inspected according to the technical requirements of the parts, keep clean and prevent impurities from entering the installation surface. In particular, the sealing end face of the seal ring, even if there are tiny dust particles, will break the seal and cause oil leakage.
2, the sealing sleeve, sealing rubber ring aging, deformation, scratches, cracks, etc. need to be replaced with new products.
3. When the spring elasticity is insufficient, it should be replaced, and the end surface is not flat and can be flattened. When the pressure ring is warped, it should be repaired and leveled to remove sharp edges.
4. The large and small sealing rings are not tightly contacted and can be reground to have a uniform continuous grinding belt. Do not hit the end of the ring and disturb the spouse ring. The thickness of the ring should be the same, otherwise it must be replaced.
5, the rubber ring thickness is not enough, allowed to wrap the asbestos rope to achieve a tightness of /0.15~0.20 kg per square centimeter.
6. The axle bending, non-circular or neck wear, the roller hub, and the wear of the sealing shell must be repaired.
7. When the bearing and seal ring are worn flat, the oil-resistant rubber ring with a thickness of 2~4 mm can be padded between the seal sleeve and the end face of the hub according to the degree of wear. After installation, the gland assembly should be free to rotate on the hub. In addition, a gasket with an outer diameter of 100 mm, an inner diameter of 85 mm, and a thickness of 1.5 mm may be used to compensate the bearing wear amount between the bearing outer ring and the seal housing support shoulder. When the height of the gland is less than 32 mm and the bearing width is less than 41 mm, the new product should be replaced.
8. The paper pad on the roller should be kept intact and suitable for thickness.
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